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With the ultimate goal of “Write Chinese characters on the piano for world-class piano”. The Yangtze River piano starts to design and production of grand pianos used in concert. This pioneering work not only engraved a new chapter in the history of world piano manufacturing, but also opened up a never-ending ultimate challenge.

 “Everyone likes the piano, everyone can buy a good piano”. With the strong desire to develop the world's finest piano, Yangtze River piano use the world's high-quality wood for piano production. Inherit the traditional craftsmanship from Europe and a strong desire to develop the best quality pianos around the world. This gives an unforgettable name -- Yangtze River!

In the long history, the Yangtze River, has a position that spans time and space. It deserves the name of the Eastern Dragon with undoubtedly eternal.

 “A good piano is the sound of the sky that human ears yearn for, and it can communicate with a musician’s soul”. Yangtze River lead us into the latest trends of the piano world, allow the colourful music resonance on the world stage!

Adamantine Education is the Exclusive Agent of Yangtze River Piano in New Zealand

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