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CR-132  - Royale

CR-132 - Royale

SKU: CR132

In pursuit of perfect sound and excellent performance, the CR-132 piano is complemented by a carefully selected Alaska spruce soundboard and a uniquely designed cast iron plate. The highly-praised professional configuration is suitable for various performance types.


- Alaska spruce soundboard and ribs, excellent resonance, full and pure sound, great stability;

- The soundboard system is subject to a full-range constant temperature and humidity control to ensure the stability and consistency of the piano’s sounds;

- Imported from Germany, the Renner hammers are made of high-quality natural wool that makes each hammer hard on the inside and soft on the outside to present the widest range of tones, from soft and tender to hard and strong;

- Imported from Germany, the Kluge keyboard is made of precious ebony black keys to bring the player’s touch, sensitivity, stability, and comfort to the next level;

- Wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, its ABS+ carbon fiber action can effectively improve the overall effect of the action operating system, not only reflecting a flexible touch but also contributing to a smooth and comfortable playing effect;.

- Imported from Germany, ROSLAU piano strings make neither coarse sounds nor noises but only pure and accurate sounds of the highest quality;

- With great wear resistance and scratch resistance, high-quality eco-friendly paint imported from Japan is applied to the piano, not only to make the piano surface smooth and bright, but also to protect the environment and ensure physical health.

- The newly designed German-style solid wood step system and pure copper pedals have an exquisite appearance, stable performance, and comfortable feel.


    Depth: 656 mm; Width: 1531 mm; Height: 1321 mm
    Specification: 132
    Weight: 288 kg
    Color: Black
    Executive Standard: GB/T 10159

Color: Black
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