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CGF - X1 - Concert Grand Pianos

CGF - X1 - Concert Grand Pianos


A new milestone of Yangtze River Piano, the CGF-X1 gracefully stands at the starting point of your dreams and will bring out your personal charisma and strength with simplicity and sincerity. It is known by many as a legendary brand of the time. Inspired by the grand piano design of classic recitals, CGF-XI combines scientific design and advanced craftsmanship to become a fairy who dances on the glorious stage and wins endless applause under the spotlight. Born to dream, the calm and bright tone of the CGF-X1 is like a heavenly melody that sounds even more pleasant and refreshing as time passes.


-Alaska spruce soundboard and ribs, excellent resonance, full and pure sound, great stability;

-The integrated sound bridge made from strictly selected maple veneers matches the hard maple cap to present a better sound-producing effect;

-Manufactured from solid wood, the self-made STW-style actions present great durability, responsiveness, and control that provide the performer with sensitivity and comfort while playing;

-Imported from Germany, the Renner hammers are made of high-quality natural wool that makes each hammer hard on the inside and soft on the outside to present the widest range of tones, from soft and tender to hard and strong;

-Imported from Germany, the Kluge keyboard is made of precious ebony black keys to bring a player’s touch, sensitivity, stability, and comfort to the next level;

-Imported from Germany, HELLER bass strings and ROSLAU piano strings make neither coarse sounds nor noises but only pure and accurate sounds of the highest quality;

-Imported from Korea, the descending test can be performed more than 20,000 times on the piano, which is not only durable but also long-lasting.

-Piano copper caster wheels are both elegant and safe.




    Depth: 1571 mm; Width: 2750 mm; Height: 1021 mm
    Specification: 275
    Weight: Approximately 560 kg
    Color: Black
    Executive Standard: GB/T 10159

Color: Black
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