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Chinese Language and Culture Learning

Our Chinese Course Outlines provide a learning framework for the Language Courses.
The outlines are designed to provide students with a good idea of what they might cover over a 10-week period, and include typical themes, grammar, and vocabulary fields.
Being flexible rather than prescriptive, during the learning process, our teachers may decide to adapt their learning plans to the specific level, aims and interests of their classes.
Use the tabs below to view the relevant Chinese Mandarin course outline for your level.

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Chinese Language | Advanced A

On completion of advance courses A

1. Students can repeat what they read, listened and watched with the guidance and support from teacher. 

2. With teacher’s guidance, students are also encouraged to have a deeper discussion about current issues related to entertainment, media, business, education, school life, cities, people, relationships, the arts, technology, social life, night life, national traditions/customs & culture, globalization, etc. Original multimedia materials such as Chinese video and audio will be added in teaching. 

3. Presentation skills: Teacher will help students to organize longer presentation with different professional topics that students are interested in.

4. Students will have intensive practice in class to improve their listening, speaking, and reading and presentation skills.

5. Students are required to write longer articles about their daily life stories and their view of the world.

The teaching will be tailored to meet students’ demands to improve their command of Chinese language. Teachers will be helping students to enlarge their vocabulary and help them to express their ideas in a higher level of spoken Chinese.

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Chinese Language | Advanced B

On completion of advance courses B

1. Discuss about the cultural differences between the East and the West;Talk about selections of current news stories about China; Discuss and debate about China’s development, problems and roles in the world. 

2. Watch up-to-date Chinese TV plays; Shows to experience real life Chinese language. 

3. Research and write short reports about current issues, such as politics, economy, culture and environment.

4. Deliver formal and longer presentations in Chinese in their preferred area, such as finance, business, law, media, management and science. 

In this level, the teaching will be tailored to meet students’ specific demands in their professional development and language command. Teachers will be helping students to enlarge their vocabulary and help them to express their ideas in a very high level of professional Chinese.

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